Teaching 20/5/16

Retinoschisis or Retinal detachment? Tina Parmar shares with you her top tips to differentiate them...

Bhavin Patel presents a very interesting cause of a retinal vasculitis. Diagnosis?

Mr.Albermani gives us a rundown on his thought process when it comes to classifying the interesting spectrum within uveitis

Congress 5k run reminder: Represent the Deanery

Tom Betts, our very own ironman, is leading a team to run this year's 5k run at the RCOPHTH congress in Birmingham. It will be held on the 25th of May Wednesday in the evening.
He is inviting anyone who is going to congress to join him and co-captain Tina Parmar, potential ironwoman, in forming a team. ALL ABILITIES are welcome. All Registrars, Consultants, Allied Professionals are invited to team up and represent the team spirit of Wales.

Provisional team name: 1. Cardiff Trotters 2. Welsh Cakes

Publication link for: A novel technique for using amniotic membrane for persistent corneal epithelial defects (S Webber)

As discussed at teaching on the 13/5/16

Below is the link to:

The biological bandage contact lens: a novel technique for using the amniotic membrane in the treatment of persistent corneal epithelial defects

M S Abu-Ain and S K Webber

Eye (2010) 24, 1306–1307; doi:10.1038/eye.2010.1; published online 29 January 2010


Teaching 6/5/16

Amy has summarised some excellent cases for us as below. We looked at the differential diagnoses of optic disc pathology and how we can use the OCT to help with the diagnosis. Mr.Freeman delivered a very interesting talk on a topic that we are sort of familiar with but should be generally better at. Colour vision!

New College role vacancy - Curriculum Resource Development Fellow

Please see email below

Please email Vanna for the application form for anyone interested


Dear Head of School/TPDs/Regional Advisers/College Tutors


I wish to bring to your attention the part-time fixed term role advertised on the College website https://www.rcophth.ac.uk/about/college-roles/ for a Curriculum Resource Development Fellow.


The Curriculum Sub-committee has recently reformatted the OST Curriculum and the aim now is to create a comprehensive and up-to-date resource library, which will include teaching tools for delivery.


We are seeking an enthusiastic Specialty Registrar (ST5 and above) or equivalent to map the OST curriculum to existing resources and identify areas where new resources are required. This is a unique opportunity to learn about curriculum delivery and the development of teaching resources and to develop leadership skills working with experts in the relevant fields.