Teaching 15/4/16

Here's the presentation from Sam Evans. Great summary of the diagnosis and management of lacrimal disease.
Video Credits: Richard Caesar http://oculoplastics.info   and Richard Allen, University of IOWA

What do we know about concussion and visual loss? Tina Parmar summarises this condition for us. Interestingly, we don't see it that often as these patients are often treated by their primary physician. However, we need to be aware of the pathophysiology as it will help us with our differentials.

Teaching 1/4/16

James Tribble has kindly summarised his presentation on the 1st of April 2016 as below. We thank him for his participation! The School Of Optometry and Vision Sciences is a successful unit with plenty of research that is very relevant to us as ophthalmologists. (and they are just down the road from the eye unit in Cardiff!)

Key Points from OTG Meeting MARCH 2016

Eportfolio Houskeeping

Prior to the changeover of eportfolio suppliers in August, registrars are reminded to ensure that all material on their eportfolio has been finalised i.e. not under review.


ARCP outcome records in the current e-portfolio system are closed manually by College staff.  Existing records still showing as ‘Under review’ may only be closed on receipt of the signed copy of the ARCP Outcome form.  The system has no functionality which automatically alerts the College that forms have been uploaded in the resource section of the e-portfolio.

In preparation for the migration to the new system, all registrars are strongly recommended to contact LETBs/Deaneries directly to retrieve their missing ARCP outcome forms.  Outstanding forms must be emailed to portfolio@rcophth.ac.uk

The absolute deadline is 7th July after which historical data will become ‘read only’ as data is migrated



ESR and CSR forms will be electronically incorporated into the new eportfolio from August 2016.


Curriculum FAQ’s

The curriculum committee is in the final stages of an FAQ page with common training q

Welsh Ophthalmic A&E course

The first welsh ophthalmic A&E course aimed at junior doctors dealing with ophthalmic conditions in A&E will take place on 30/4/16 at Royal Glamorgan hospital. Please spread the word to anyone who may benefit from this course.

Please contact Dana with any queries at Ahnood_dana@yahoo.com

Publication on mesenchymal stem cells

Charlie Osei-Bempong, one of our ftsta trainees in Singleton, have co-authored an interesting paper on mesenchymal stem cells. This interesting finding will have an impact on the current approach to autologous transplants for people with limbal stem cell deficiency. 

Regen Med. 2016 Mar 11. [Epub ahead of print]

Human limbal mesenchymal stem cells express ABCB5 and can grow on amniotic membrane.



To isolate and characterize limbal mesenchymal stem cells (LMSCs) from human corneoscleral rings.


Cells were isolated from corneoscleral rings and cultured in a mesenchymal stem cell (MSC)-selective media and examined for differentiation, phenotyping and characterization.