BOSU (British Ophthalmic Surveillance Unit) Study on Essential Infantile Esotropia

last updated: 26/11/17

This page is to inform on a British Ophthalmic Surveillance Unit study that is being led by Welsh Ophthalmology Doctors (Mr.Damien Yeo, Mr.Ryan Davies) under the guidance of Consultant Ophthalmologist Mr.Patrick Watts.


This study is a national (United Kingdom) prospective study done under the guidance of BOSU and data collection will take place from October 2017 to November 2018 in all eye units that receive a BOSU notification card.

We are looking to study all cases that fit this description:

A constant, non-accomodative esotropia, greater than or equal to 20 prism dioptres with an onset less than 12 months old in a neurologically normal child with no ocular abnormalities.

For clinical professionals:

If you are an orthoptist or ophthalmologist in the UK working with children, we would love for you to download this pdf file below to print and display in your clinical workspace.

For the public:

The letter below is a notice for the general public if you think this study may apply to your child. Feel free to contact us or for any enquiries.

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Lastly, all information on this page "BOSU (British Ophthalmic Surveillance Unit) Study on Essential Infantile Esotropia" has been independently written by Mr.Damien Yeo. For all enquiries, please use the email

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