Key Points from OTG Meeting MARCH 2016

Eportfolio Houskeeping

Prior to the changeover of eportfolio suppliers in August, registrars are reminded to ensure that all material on their eportfolio has been finalised i.e. not under review.


ARCP outcome records in the current e-portfolio system are closed manually by College staff.  Existing records still showing as ‘Under review’ may only be closed on receipt of the signed copy of the ARCP Outcome form.  The system has no functionality which automatically alerts the College that forms have been uploaded in the resource section of the e-portfolio.

In preparation for the migration to the new system, all registrars are strongly recommended to contact LETBs/Deaneries directly to retrieve their missing ARCP outcome forms.  Outstanding forms must be emailed to

The absolute deadline is 7th July after which historical data will become ‘read only’ as data is migrated



ESR and CSR forms will be electronically incorporated into the new eportfolio from August 2016.


Curriculum FAQ’s

The curriculum committee is in the final stages of an FAQ page with common training q

ueries on WBA’s. The FAQ’s will answer the common issues questioned on WBA’s such as what counts as cases for squint numbers ie botox; what procedures are required for SS5 surgery to lower IOP. The intention is to have it ready for the new eportfolio in August 2016



Curriculum allows one cadaveric enucleation to count towards SS13 Removal of Eye. It is suggested that registrars liaise between consultants and transplant practitioners to coordinate supervision of cadaveric enucleation.


Exam Results  

It is noted that the exam pass rate in part 1 and part 2 RCOphth exams has been lower in the most recent sets of exams. The format of the exam has been quality controlled and does not appear to be causative. The OTG has set up a focus group to explore the issue.


The OTG will organise sessions on College examinations, available resources and previous candidates experiences at this year’s OTG symposium in order to assist registrars in their exam preparation.

Registrars attention might like to be drawn to the very detailed reports on all previous examinations on the college website. We recommend surveying them if one has any queries.



OTG Symposium

Save the date - Friday 25th November 2016 – Utilising the new College facility at Stephenson Way, London

Programme to finalised


Junior Doctors Contract

There is a near universal consensus that the imposition of this contract is wrong and that we should be working towards a fairer negotiated settlement. In an attempt to further pressurize the DoH into further constructive talks, the BMA has announced 3 further 48hr periods of industrial action, launched a judicial review and continues its media campaign.


The details of how Non Residency On Call (NROC) specialties will be effected come August is unclear but the OTG has grave concerns as to the ability of NHS Trusts to facilitate the new contract and its associated out of hours payments. To this aim, we have sought clarification in writing via the NHS Employers query helpdesk.


FAQ’s are

Email address:



New Gold Guide

Registrars attention is drawn to the new Gold guide


Trainees Forum at Congress

The OTG extend an invitation to registrars to the Trainees Forum at College congress on Wed 25th May at 1700. College officers will be invited to field questions from registrars on training issues. Refreshments provided.


Examination Requirements

Eligibility for Part 2 FRCOphth is clarified in the policy as below


Examination Attempts

To reiterate examination attempts are to be capped at:-

Part 1 & Refraction Certificate – Maximum 6 attempts

Part 2 (written & oral) – Maximum 4 attempts each


Until December 2016 a transition arrangement applies where registrars who have exhausted their maximum number of attempts will be in exceptional circumstances permitted one additional attempt.


Within 2 weeks of the release of examination results, in cases where a registrar has failed for a second time a generic letter will be issued to the TPD/HOS advising in order to facilitate the appropriate support being offered. Please note exam feedback will not be provided to the TPD/HOS.


TSC Eligibility

Registrars planning TSC’s are advised that TSC’s have a limited expiry in terms of College approval. When submitting TSC applications please clarify currency of approval (they last 5 years from approval). College approvals approval is integral to ensure the quality of the learning experience.