Kestrel Cup 2018

On Friday 22nd June 2018, 9 beautiful presentations were delivered in lecture theatre 1.  Although the turn out was not as good as hoped, everyone who attended thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon learning about the hard work and effort in research/audit that the Welsh Ophthalmic Trainees are conducting. 

The quality of all of the presentations were excellent, however Matt Edmunds, our oculoplastics fellow based in UHW was the clear winner with his fascinating talk on “Facial Expression Analysis Software in the Objective Assessment of Perceived Emotional State in Thyroid Eye Disease”.  He showed us how facial recognition software usually used in the marketing/advertising industry can be utilised to determine facial expressions in active and non-active thyroid eye disease, as well as pre and post reconstructive surgery, giving us an objective measure of how these patients are perceived by others, which will clearly have a huge psychological impact on TED patients.

Close runners up were Derek Ho with his innovative gadget talk of “using smartphone-delivered stereoscopic vision in microsurgery” (with a live demonstration of course) and Rhiannon Reynolds also taking advantage of modern technology with her presentation on “OCT Angiography”: Real World Experience in Neovascular AMD New Patient Clinic using the Topcon DRI OCT Triton”.

Thanks you to Kestrel Ophthalmics for sponsoring the event, Mr Watts for organising and to all the presenters who dedicated their time and effort to the afternoon.  Hopefully next year’s Kestrel cup will be bigger and better!