S.W.O.T - South Wales OSCE/VIVA Training - FRCOPHTH Part 2 Mock exam Course

This is an event organised by the Welsh Ophthalmic Trainees society with the support of Consultant Examiners.

The next course will however take place on a future date in Oct/Nov 2018 before the November sitting. We will be updating this page in July. 

For more information, please contact: welshophthalmictrainees@gmail.com. 

The organising effort is always led by senior trainees who have recently passed their exams. We believe this keeps our course constantly relevant as the style and difficulty of our stations is always kept as up to date as possible. 

We know how resource-intensive examinations can be, and so we endeavour to keep our course fee as low as possible. For a full day that includes an OSCE with real patients, we have the lowest fees compared to all other available courses.

About the Course

Like our previous ones, this will be designed to mimic the real exam process and we will be covering all of the VIVA and the OSCE stations. In the last 2 years, all our OSCE stations have had consultant grade examiners. Our examiners will mark you based on college marking schemes with feedback given to you after your performance. We time our stations to be exactly like the real ones so that you will get a real feel for the pace and pressure of the exam. You will be examining all the patients on a one-to-one basis as this is the only way to mimic the real exam. At the end of the day, we provide an anonymous marks tally so that you will know how you have performed on that day compared to the other candidates - this is of course not completely indicative of the marks you may obtain in the real exam but it will give you an idea of how you actually performed in a particular station that you felt was difficult (or easy).

The fee will be £420.00 and this will cover hot and cold refreshments all day, breakfast, and lunch. Vegetarian options will be provided too. There is a Starbucks and a WH Smith in the main hospital concourse.

You may want to watch our You tube videos:

Essential guide to Ophthalmology Exams in the UK:

Tips for the FRCOphth Part 2 OSCE/VIVA

Previous courses: 

FRCOPHTH Part 2 Preparatory VIVA/OSCE Course

 Cardiff 4th November 2017 
 Cardiff 29th October 2016 
 Swansea 31st October 2015 

Details for candidates:

Where to go:

Make your way to the Cardiff Eye Unit, Suite 8 Outpatients, University Hospital Wales, Heath Park, Cardiff, CF14 4XW
This is located close to the new concourse. (See map)

What to expect:

Event kindly supported by Alcon

8.45 - 9.00 am: Briefing
1st cycle OSCE and VIVA
2nd cycle VIVA and OSCE

Debrief with the aim of finishing at 5.30 pm

There will not be a lunch break per se but there will be two long breaks with refreshments available throughout the day. This is the best way to make sure that everyone rotates through the stations and our patients can get a break in the middle.

What to bring:

Get yourself geared up to answer questions the way you would in the real exam as you will be marked on your performance. There is no compulsory dress code (and it is a weekend) but you will be seeing real patients within a hospital setting so we do recommend that you dress professionally. Everything will be provided for, including lenses, pen torches, fixation targets etc but
we have had previous candidates recommend that you bring your own equipment so you do not end up struggling with unfamiliar equipment.

There is a multistorey car park with ample parking on site especially on a Saturday.

10 Mins Free
4 Hours £2.20
5 Hours £3.40
6 Hours £5.60
8 Hours £6.70
10 Hours £8.80
24 Hours £10.00

For more information, please contact: welshophthalmictrainees@gmail.com