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Key Points from OTG committee Meeting 24th November 2016


The College is aware of bugs in the new e-Portfolio and great efforts are being made to resolve the glitches. The College reassured us that no trainee will be disadvantaged. The College is aware that trainees will be catching up with multiple assessments and to this end they will not be penalised for “bunching”. MSF is particularly problematic but great efforts are being made to repair it. Please always search for your required assessor using their surname at first to prevent duplicate accounts being created with alternative email addresses.


In comparison to the previous e-Portfolio the WpBAs are driven by the primary learning outcome.  Once the WpBA is selected, this will open functionality around which the association to said learning outcome may be completed.  


Key Points from OTG committee Meeting 15th July 2016

Key Points from OTG committee Meeting 15th July 2016



A reminder further to the recent Eportfolio emails that trainees have been granted additional time to ensure their current portfolios are up to date. The college have extended the date for the current e-portfolio to close for data entry to Friday 29 July 2016


In regards to migration

  • Closure of ARCPs- in order to close any open ARCPs, the College will need to have your outcome form for each corresponding ARCP. If this has not been provided by deanery, registrars 

Key Points from OTG Meeting MARCH 2016

Eportfolio Houskeeping

Prior to the changeover of eportfolio suppliers in August, registrars are reminded to ensure that all material on their eportfolio has been finalised i.e. not under review.


ARCP outcome records in the current e-portfolio system are closed manually by College staff.  Existing records still showing as ‘Under review’ may only be closed on receipt of the signed copy of the ARCP Outcome form.  The system has no functionality which automatically alerts the College that forms have been uploaded in the resource section of the e-portfolio.

In preparation for the migration to the new system, all registrars are strongly recommended to contact LETBs/Deaneries directly to retrieve their missing ARCP outcome forms.  Outstanding forms must be emailed to

The absolute deadline is 7th July after which historical data will become ‘read only’ as data is migrated



ESR and CSR forms will be electronically incorporated into the new eportfolio from August 2016.


Curriculum FAQ’s

The curriculum committee is in the final stages of an FAQ page with common training q