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Teaching Slides from 04/03/2016: Submacular Haemorrhage in neovascular age-related macular degeneration

These are the slides from Chamara Kumarage in a session led by Mr.Gorman.

Interesting presentation on this condition that is not uncommon and is often seen in the eye casualty setting.

Final Summary: No consensus on best treatment. Not enough robust evidence to suggest one treatment over another. Prognosis generally unfavourable due to presence of underlying disease. In summary, if treatment is felt to be indicated, then it should be a fairly urgent referral and needs to be discussed with a VR consultant.





Cardiff Teaching - previous

Here's an example of some slides uploaded.

This was an interesting case of a patient with suspected GCA that was given oral steroids on day 1 but still developed a new AION on day 3 despite oral steroids. We then started IVMP and this made the AION worse!

Did the steroids ironically cause a hypercoaguable state - as has been reported before? or is this the natural history of the GCA and should we have just given IVMP from day 1 ?