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We are Ophthalmology Specialist Trainees from the Wales Deanery School of Ophthalmology and this society serves to improve the medical education of ophthalmology via our website and organised events. We are a self-organised group and although not directly formed by the deanery, our members work with the official committees and use this platform to disseminate, validate, and confirm official training-related activities.

The rest of the members are made up of all the doctors training or working in ophthalmology in Wales. Students and allied healthcare professionals are strongly encouraged to participate in our online educational resources.

Our aims are to use this society to share resources, improve training, and expand on the quality of ophthalmology education for every level.

The public are more than welcomed to browse, although the medical information here is designed for clinicians and is not meant to be used as information for patients.

Current Committee:

Welsh Ophthalmic Trainees Society is currently chaired by Miss Amy-lee Shirodkar (a-l.s@gmx.com)

The lead for the educational content is currently Dr Ahmed Shalaby (ahmed.kamal.shalaby@gmail.com) and Mr Ryan Davies (drrmdavies@gmail.com)

Research Registrar representative (Welsh Ophthalmic Research Collaboration) is currently Mrs Rhiannon Reynolds (rhianon.reynolds@gmail.com)

Previous Chairs:

Damien Yeo (cm.yeo@doctors.org.uk) Feb 2016 to Aug 2017

Previous Educational Leads:

Amy-lee Shirodkar (a-l.s@gmx.com) Feb 2016 to Aug 2017

This website has been generated for educational, training, and research purposes. 

All patients have been appropriately consented through local consent pathways for the use of their pictures or videos.

Information provided should not be used as instructional guides to carry out procedures by an untrained person. 

Due to the open nature of the site some information may be incorrect. 

Inappropriate comments made will be removed from the site.

Please contact the WOTS website admin for further information or questions.