Friday AM UHW Teaching 2016/2017 (P.Watts)

This is a summary of Friday AM UHW Teaching led by Mr.Patrick Watts

Venue: either Suite 1 UHW or Children's OPD

19th August 2016

Topics covered: 

Examination of Ocular Motility

26th August 2016

Osce teaching - patients seen:

1) Combined cranial nerve palsy with sphenoid wing lesion

2) Esotropia in a high myope 

3) Bilateral optic atrophy and visual field defects

4) Thyroid eye disease with lid retraction, diplopia, and motility limitation

2nd September 2016

Causes of vision loss in newborns

9th September 2016

Shaken Baby Syndrome - Concepts and Controversies

16th September 2016

Journal Club: led by Miss Siene Ng

23rd September 2016

Clinical features of nystagmus

31st September 2016

Albinism and the Eye

6th January 2017

1) Using the RETCAM
2) Case Presentations: Ligneous Conjunctivitis, Blepharophimosis, Schwartz-Jampel Syndrome

13th January 2017

Case presentations: Juvenile Myasthenia Gravis, Duanes Syndrome, Saethre-Chotzen Syndrome

20th January 2017

Case Presentations: Batten's Disease - Damien Yeo, Journal Club: RCT on Chemical Injuries Umbilical Cord Serum VS Amniotic Membrane Graft  AJO - Damien Yeo

17th February 2017

Management of Exotropias

3rd March 2017

Supranuclear and Intranuclear Palsies

11th April 2017 Tue

Foveal Hypoplasia

28th April 2017 

Journal Club: Mr.Tafadzwa Young - Steven Johnsons Guidelines - Ophthalmology

9th May 2017 (Tue)

Strabismus Cases: 1. Slipped Muscle 2. Faceturn with exotropia 3. Large V pattern exotropia 4. Congenital Esotropia PODT

12th May 2017
vernal keratoconjunctivitis
vortex keratopathy

20th May 2017
Nystagmus videos
 Saccadic Intrusions
 Square wave jerks
 superior oblique myokymia
 see saw nystagmus
 oculopalatal nystagmus
 Saccadic initiation failure

2nd june 2017
Reflection on the RCOPHTH congress - Damien Yeo and Sid Wijetilleka

6th June 2017(Tues)
1. cases: bilateral congenital 3rd nerve palsies
2. conundrum: retinal haemorrhages, NAI, and confounding factors

16th June
oculomotor misbehaviour in children

23rd June 2017

14th July 2017
Genetics of Strabismus
Leber's Congenital Amarousis