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Kestrel Cup - 23/06/2017 - Call for abstracts

The Kestrel Cup

23rd of June 2017

 Please submit an abstract of no more than 250 words of any project you have been involved with.

This could be a:

 1.       Publishable case

2.       Case series

3.       Publishable audit

4.       Clinical study

5.       Lab study

6.       SR

The abstract should be in the following format: (i) Aim/Purpose (ii) Mehtods (iii) Results (iv) Conclusions

If accepted, oral presentations should last 10 minutes.

Please copy Janine in as well

Good Luck, Mr Patrick Watts

South West Ophthalmological Society - Bristol - Friday 11/11/16 - call for abstracts

South West Ophthalmological Society - Bristol on Friday 11/11/16.

The meeting is at the Clifton Pavillion, Bristol Zoo, College Road, Clifton, BS8 3HH.

The afternoon session is for invited speakers on a range of topics but the morning is reserved for trainee presentations. 

Acceptable presentations include: basic science and clinical research, audits and case reports. 

There are several prizes which have monetary value as well as being good for your CV. 

These include: 

ARVO presentation - £1000, 

best published paper - £500, 

best presentation first prize - £300, 

second prize - £200. 

If you have not already done so get your leave forms in.

Please send your presentation abstracts to Georgina Butler at:

Look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

Best wishes,

Daniel Byles